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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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7.2 million were signed up for coverage and that was an overamount. she's leaving with sadness and mixed emotions. thank you for tuning into "on the record" and we'll see you tomorrow night at 5:00. >> to indulge in murder and mayhem is a horrible thing and nat what muslim is about. >> kareem abduhl-jabbar asking for tolerance. we'll analyze what he is saying because president obama believes the same thing. we know sergeant bergdahl has been investigated by the federal government and there is a new investigation undergoing. >> is there a cover-up going on in the case of bowe bergdahl, for whom president obama traded five terrorists. tonight we have disturbing new information. >> dr. ben carson is quoted as saying he may have a calling to
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run for president of the united states. is that quote true doctor? >> this is something i should consider very seriously zploo and how can ben carson compete against jeb bush and mitt romney. dr. carson will be here. caution. you are about to enter the no-spin zone. factor begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. barack obama and kareem abduhl-jabbar and islam. that is the point for tonight. many continue to be perplexed by the white house and the apparent apathy toward the threat that radical islam poses. to be fair, president obama and his advisers are trying to prevent the united states from
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attack and are confused about the true nature of the threat. a router's poll showing president obama taking a huge dip. just 37% of americans now approve the way mr. obama is doing his job. 55% disapprove. also in new york, a new fox news poll i should say, shows americans strongly disapprove of the way the president is waging the war on terror. enter basketball legend kareem abduhl-jabbar 40 years ago. he is a smart and honest man and his column in the time magazine this week well worth reading. he is appalled that his religion is being debased by thugs -- his word. and he wants america to understand islam is not the problem, vicious individuals who perverted the religion are the problem. i believe that is what president
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obama believes as well. but that theory has major problems. first of all, muslim theocracies like iran and saudi arabia routinely commit atrocities in the name of islam. the house of saad are doing awful things and using the name of allah. and this week someone was given 50 lashes and set to have 100 and 50 each week until it is completed. and now the sentence is being re-evaluated re-evaluated. and the iranian prisons are full of those who spoke out for freedom. and so it is not just cause by individuals. they run much deeper than that. about mr. abduhl-jabbar is not convinced. wroting, knowing that these terrorist attacks are not about religion, we have to reach a point where we stop bringing islam into the discussions.
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i know we aren't there yet because much of the western population doesn't understand the religion. that is true. but what he is missing, much of the muslim world does not understand the islamic religion. take pakistan, it allows the taliban major human rights violators sanctuary. is that permissible under islam? apparently the government of pakistan believes it is. how about turkey? it will not assist the west in fighting the isis killers on its own border. does islam condone the beheading of innocent people and doesn't the koran state that a good muslim protects the innocent and fights against injustice. apparently the turkish government does not understand the islamic religion either. i could give you dozens of other examples from donations from
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wealthyize islamics to al qaeda and isis and sharia. and they should understand that islam is being presented to the world that is dubious to say the least. he continues, quote, when the ku klux klan burn a cross in a family yard, christians aren't required to say how these aren't christian acts. most know the kkk doesn't represent christian teachings. that is what muslims and i long for, for those teachings are instantly recognized as thugs. and his wish would come about faster if all of the muslim nations would confront the jihad the way the usa confronted the kkk. the fbi, largely compromised of christians wiped the klan out
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for prosecutoring them for -- by prosecuting them for the crimes they committed. who on earth is doing that to the jihadist? the answer is none. possibly jordan. they believe it is not right to hold the muslims accountable putting everyone in danger and eck knowed by the msnbc network who has emerged with "the new york times" as the down-player of the jihad. >> if our agenda is to promote peace and reconciliation and understanding, saying bad things about islam is not going to solve that problem. once again freedom of speech is a great thing and there should not be prior restraint but remember we have to respect people if we want that respect back. >> a lot of people think what is being called islamic terrorism shouldn't be called islamic terrorism because it is a bastardization of islam which is
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a globally peaceful religion. >> but american people understand there is a strain of islam that does preach violence and that strain is not being challenged in any meaningful way by good muslims. there is anti-jihadist talk but little overt action. president obama has a responsibility to we the people to engage himself in the destruction of the jihad. as talking points has demonstrated time and again, the usa has no overall strategy to defeat the jihadists and simply reacts to the latest atrocities, sometimes in a weak and confusing way. europe is finally waking up to the fact the continent has lost control to the radical islam movement and chaos is beginning to reign. we in america don't have that problem as american muslims like abduhl-jabbar. there are some crazies, but then the question becomes are we
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mobilizing the world against the jihad and the answe no we are not. president obama will not even say the word. and that is the memo. next on the rundown reaction from two people who disagree with me. and later gutfeld and mcgurk, and the condemnation of the snowman.
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continuing with our lead story, the truth about fighting the jihad. joining us from southern california ah meddoneas and the author of the book american muslims speak the truth. and from portland oregon, demystifyingize islam and juror zehar. so i'll start with you. is what i'm saying unfair?
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>> no, it is not. i believe religion has no part to play in what is happening. when people behave badly and they use religion as justification we have to report it as such. but for us, instead of relying on a community leader and organizer organizer let's look to a religious leader, [ inaudible ] the largest muslim population in the world has not only paid the ultimate price with our own lives, we've called people muslims and condemned our acts and khalifa continues to condemn their acts. >> but the fact is these leaders, as brave as they are, don't have any power. and you have a number of theocracies around the world dr. jonas like iran, that is the best example because today president obama spent a lot of time explaining the danger that iran poses to the world by trying to get a nuclear weapon because everybody believes in the west if it they get a nuclear weapon they will hand it
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off to a reegean that will -- a region that will hand it off. and everybody must bow to allah and we've seen them do difficult things. >> it is misunderstanding and misinterpretation as part of radicalized terminology. and all of the examples are exam exams -- examples of oppressors an the people suffering under these regimes are saying that the dictatorships are not islam and the terrorists are not islam because if you call them islam you give them the game. they become legitimate and we the moderates become ill legitimate. >> but that is theoretical. the reality is in this world islamic nations are causing an
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enormous amount of trouble so you cannot take islam out of the equation as mr. abduhl-jabbar would like to do because these theocracies are based on, they say, the teachings of ala. >> and we refuse to yield to them, the legitimacy and the authority -- >> but they already have it. >> no they don't. [ overlapping speakers ] >> they are political governments that have dominion over muslim individuals who for the most part want freedom and it is our job to help them attain such by democracy i don't disagree with that. it is our job to undermine regimes like iran which pose a threat to the world. but mr. zafar, we go back to the legitimate point that you have to discuss islam and you have to discuss the religion because that is what is driving this terror around the world.
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a misinterpretation and i do agree with both of you and kareem in that. i don't believe that the prophet muhammad wanted a world war to impose islam on everybody. i don't believe that. all right. but there are people who do believe it and we have to deal with those people. >> yes. absolutely. and that is why -- like you said, we shouldn't stay in the theoretical but look to the practical. and instead of looking to the insane leaders of government who we have consistently con fronted, let's look at the body of scholars, that is why i cite khalifa -- >> but most people are not interested in that and if you are not a catholic, you are not looking at the pope's doctrines. but now barack obama is buying into unfortunately, the theory that we cannot hold the muslim world accountable for this terrorism. and i think that is dangerous,
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doctor. because if the united states doesn't mobilize the muslims against the jihad, we are never going to defeat it. >> it is an ideological war and each side is attempting to say that its position is islam. if barack obama calls it islamic terrorism, kids in the cafe in afghanistan are going to say look, we are winning. it is islamic terrorism, two points for us. he's doing what bush and all terrorism experts say we should do. >> but we don't have any strategy to defeat them -- look if that is what he is doing, but we don't have a strategy. we don't have a strategy to defeat the jihad. >> muslims have a strategy. in their homes and in their mosques and streets and in their community organization have to push back against -- >> but they are not doing it in any meaningful way. >> that is not true. i disagree. >> we have not seen one theocracy overturned by the folks. >> that is not true. >> the military did it. >> the egyptian people came out
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against the muslim brotherhood. >> the military had to do it. it was easily divided. [ overlapping speakers ] >> so count one for got team. >> that is not looked upon. the egyptian military is not looked upon in the muslim world as favorable according to the polls. >> because their actions need to come in accord with the human rights of each individual person. we must find a balance between this and terrorism. >> i want to see some muslim nation actively join with the u.s. and europe to fight the jihad and so far i haven't seen anybody about the king of jordan do it. >> and muslim communities. >> direct ahead is there a cover-up by the pentagon in the investigation of sergeant bowe bergdahl. and later how can ben carson compete against romney and bush in the up coming nomination. mr. carson will be here upcoming. but to get from the old way to the
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tonight, where is the report about bowe bergdahl? it was completed months ago. on may 31st 2014, president obama released five taliban human rights violators in return for sergeant bergdahl who was captured by the taliban after he left his unit in afghanistan without permission. the army investigated the sergeant as conduct but still after all of these months, will not release the findings. very strange. joining us now from boston, colonel david hunt and from washington lieutenant colonel tony schaefer. from london policy research. i understand you have new information for us tbts? >> and it is disturbing. and to put the responsibility of what is going on where it is due, this is not a pentagon or army issue at this point. i talked to several sources, one of which was a very senior officer involved not only in the search for bergdahl but the aftermath and according to him
5:22 pm
this decision, when it comes ow how it comes out is now at the feet -- is now controlled by the white house to include, i'm told, by another source pressure from the white house to really go easy on bergdahl because president obama embraced the family when he first returned. >> so let's get it very clear. the report is finished and has been finished for quite sometime? right in. >> the general has done it and it is done. >> and it is sitting at the white house on order. they have ordered the pentagon not to release the report, collect? >> yes that is correct. >> and the white house is putting pressure on the pentagon not to punish bergdahl severely, which means that the report is going to say that he did something wrong? >> we've talked about this and yes, my sources have told me very clearly that it validated in greater detail the information that the ncis criminal investigative service
5:23 pm
did within months of his walking away from post. and bill, there is new information that came out of general dahl's investigation, some of which is very sensitive intelligence. with that said, that has been parsed out. the other report is now unclassified and says what i think most people expect it to say and there is a great deal of pressure. >> he deserted. but did he collaborate. and let's go over to colonel hunt. our constitution says that the military is not supposed to be political. all right. it is under the command of the president of the united states. but it is not to be used in a political way. i.e., the democrats can't take the military to use against the republicans or whatever. it seems to me that right now the pentagon is playing a political game with president obama. i mean i don't know how you defy a commander-in-chief and release a report when he tells you not to, but at the same time the pentagon i think has an obligation to we the people to say we have it done and it is
5:24 pm
just up to the president to give it the go. but they won't say anything. >> yeah it's an injustice to the american people. but from my point of view, more importantly to the soldiers. this report was first in 2009 when he deserted. this is a discipline in leadership issue at the core of this desertion and what bergdahl did and the guys that died trying to find him. >> you believe that? because there has been -- that has been an object of contention. but, you colonel hunt, believe american soldier died searching for bowe bergdahl? you believe that. >> yeah. 12. at least 12. >> bill, let me. >> let him finish his thought. go ahead. >> but dempsey who is chairman of the joint chiefs is not doing his job by -- he has -- we protect the branch, the services, the department of defense. and the fact this report has been done as tony said, the
5:25 pm
intense jens has been -- intelligence is taken away and it was supposed to come out today and the problem is that the white house said no, delay delay, delay. it is doing an injustice to the american people and the guys in uniform. >> do we know why the white house wants to delay it colonel shaffer? >> one of the officers i spoke to said he directed certain assets be moved to search for bergdahl and people did die. and second it is all political at this point. it is about when -- a moment in the white house's narrative is sufficient so this can come out and not make a big wave. to be honest with you bill. you guys reporting on this last month scared the bejesus out of them and that is what is going on. >> on monday i'm going to do another segment on this and over the weekend we're going to call general dempsey and ask him to come on and ask him to issue a statement what is holding this
5:26 pm
up. if he doesn't do that then i'm going to lay it at the general's doorstep so general dempsey will have to explain what is going on since he's in charge of the over all investigation. so monday we'll do that report. and we assume that therewill be more hell to pay. gentlemen, thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. gutfeld and mcgurk on a ghost, a scary scory. and ben carson on how he can defeat jeb and mitt romney. althier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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we have some very annoyed viewers in mad as hell. so here to help us out from fox and friends. letter number one is from samantha hearnon. raleigh, north carolina mad as hell because duke university will broadcast the muslim call for prayer while christians are ignored. >> this caused a real fire storm. but hear part of the reason that duke did this. one of the deans for religious affairs said this is pegged in part -- in part because of what has happened in pakistan and paris, and what happened in nigeria. they say muslims are being portrayed -- this is duke university -- as angry on television and therefore they want to counteract that. they want the iconic duke bell
5:31 pm
tower, we know what that looks like on duke campus, used for muslim call for prayer and they would, quote reimagine a university icon. that implies there is something wrong with the original icon being used. >> whatever it implyiesmplies, they backed down fast when they found out we were going to report on it it. what is the latest? >> they backed down on that and the university said there were significant credible safety concerns. >> safety concerns? >> yeah. we think a lot of alumni was involved in that. franklin graham called about that. >> if you do the muslim call for prayer and you have to call for christmas and the caresh. and now i'm angry because the country is broke and barack obama still wants more spending. he earned $5 million in 2013 so he should fork up for the college tuition. i don't think he earned $5 million. >> he did earn $5.5 in 2009 when
5:32 pm
the book audacity of hope came out. he's earned less then. still $488,000 for the last year. >> what is his salary? >> it is 400,000. >> so he got 88,000 dollars from other sources. >> and he paid income tax of 28% and gave 12% to charity. so that is a misconception. and then paul snyder rocky point, new york, i'm mad about the miss perception of the new york city police department. the slowdown was real but the reason was safety rather than hurting mayor de blasio. >> the slowdown cost 5$5 million and that doesn't include speeding tickets. >> so that is a big hit. >> but they don't care about the income. >> oh, he cares about it. >> no, capitalists cares about a loss of revenue i don't think
5:33 pm
de blasio doesn't. >> he will just tax more. >> he will try to tax more. but if he can get the revenue in from the cops, that helps his redistribution plan. so that is for sure. but i don't -- i'll have to disagree with paul. i think the slowdown was personal against dede blasioey oh. i think there are safety concerns but they loathe him so much and a poll said most new yorkers don't want the cops to slowdown. >> there was evidence of a slowdown before the officers were killed. >> and it was absolutely personal. >> and there is the belief de blasio doesn't want people to arrest people for small level offenses. you see homeless and the cops not doing much about it. >> much more under bloomberg. and this is from mary johnson flushing, michigan. i'm tired of seeing deep cleavage and short skirts on news women. why are they wearing next to
5:34 pm
nothing during the winter? an excellent question. >> what do you think? >> i'm not saying what i think. >> you will get in trouble, right? >> whatever i say is going to be used against me so i'm taking my miranda rights. however you -- >> unless a lady comments on it. >> however you are a lady. are you seeing a lot of deep cleavage? >> i don't know about deep cleavage, but if you are going to put on mcgurk and gutfeld and all of those guys. >> they have cleavage. >> you have to put on something to counteract that. what is the rate show here ten babes for every -- >> 50/50. it is 50/50 here between women and men. but let's take it seriously for a moment. things have changed since connie chung was anchoring the cbs news. >> fashion has changed. if you look at the networks you will see that and see more cleaveless. >> i don't follow the women's fashion world but what i see in hollywood and stuff like that
5:35 pm
it is trendy now to show a lot of neck and down from there. >> you sound so awkward saying that? >> i'm trying to be very precise without offending marie. >> i see. well, that is the exile of fashion. and if you look at the news and hollywood you just see it. more sleeveless dresses, short skirts. >> but i don't see it on fox news channel or nbc or abc. i don't see anything that is appalling out there. >> no, i don't think so. >> and you want to look your best and you still need to get people to watch because you still have to pay the bills. >> we're trying to hire jennifer lopez as a contributor so maybe we'll have problems there. what are the odds of lopez appearing on -- [ laughter ] >> i think you could get her. >> you handled that well. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. and if you are mad as hell, sound off at mad as and as we mentioned gutfeld and mcgurk with a snowman and a
5:36 pm
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thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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5:40 pm
snowstorm in the northern part of the kingdom. so some parents wanted to build snowmen for their kids. but chic mohammed salib writing on the net said no way. snowmen are not permitted under islamic law. here now, gut field and mcguirk. and before you become the guy we know you are, we do not want a fatwah or have to hire bodyguards. >> there isn't one already. >> i don't think formally. so what is the reasoning, gutfeld, behind no snowmen in saudi arabia? >> well it makes complete and utter sense. it concerns the belief if you create a likeness of man out of something else, it might be arousing and who hasn't been aroused watching jack frost. ironically snowmen make me melt bill. but i want to point out two things. this sheikh is correct, because
5:41 pm
snowmen are sexist why can't it be a woman and it is always white. but there is a way apr this. make a snow goat. it doesn't have to be a man. make a goat. >> i happen to like goats. >> or a snow camel that is okay? >> yeah, a nice hump. >> is that okay? >> that is all right. >> or start selling snow-he jobs. i come here with solutions, bill. solutions. >> well, let me just say this. first of all, bur wise has to be spinning in his grave. and they wrote this on twitter and using 21st century technology to issue 10th century edicts but this one cleric wrote that building snowmen promotes lustiness and eroticism but what is a snowman than a fat little white dude with no pants on. so if you are only weird if you
5:42 pm
have it for dick mora. and if you stick the carrot in the wrong spot -- >> all right. that's it. >> that's it. >> he may have a point. >> so it is based upon modesty. all right. let's leave that topic. now in idaho there is a school in pocatello and the school is aedgedly -- is allegedly haunted by a ghost. >> here are experts john and lisa brian investigating the school for years. after a century of haunting stories have come from the school. >> the lights going on and off and having the police called because of issues going on in the building all of that goes to showing it wasn't something that somebody put on there, it was something that really happened. >> all right. so there is a ghost in pocatello. >> well allegedly. full disclosure, when i went to school i was haunted first by the nuns and then by the brothers. and i mean the franciscan
5:43 pm
brothers, not the brothers. let me introduce the facts. .building is 100 years old a library hung herself from a chandelier and a boy drowned in the pool and the kids say the toilet bowls automatically flush by themselves and this image they see, this translucent image, he hangs out in the bathroom. so put it altogether, it is idaho and this is the ghost of former senator larry craig. [ laughter ] >> he's in the bathroom. i just solved it. >> gutfeld? >> i can't top that one. but i will say this, i'm sick and tired of ghosts being blamed for stupid stuff. like if i were a ghost would i hang around an empty school flicking lights on and off. of course. i would be going to see movies for free and stealing bowl of of soup into paul crudman's lap. and i would pull off hairpieces,
5:44 pm
i would drive lou dobbs crazy by hiding his money clip. i would be sitting here -- you're dead. what ghost is going to waist his -- waste his time on that. that is -- there is so much fun to be had. there are locker rooms, bill. >> easy. >> there are locker rooms to clean. >> and then you could build snowmen. and nobody would know who built it. >> nobody would know who built them. >> exactly. fun. positive. >> are we through? >> i think we solved everything. >> one more quick question, do you -- and this is serious, do you believe in ghosts, in the extraterrestrial stuff? >> no. >> not at all. >> i don't believe in ghosts either. and i've been around and you guys have been around. they never ever go where we are. >> exactly. >> i'm am haunted by your tie. >> you're so jealous. >> the haunted shiny tie. >> you have to dress like ricky
5:45 pm
nelson and i dress like a grown up. there they are. ben carson on deck. >> that was a ghost. it was a ghost of my head. >> do we need to see your toupee again. >> it is the hair system. >> ben carson, if he decides to run for president, he has steep competition. and then the tip of the day about coffee and your health. see you after the break. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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let's get right to ben carson who joins us now from florida. yesterday he was speaking in san diego at the republican national committee meeting. so doc, you get jeb bush and now mitt romney looks like he can get in. that is big competition if you decide to run for president. how do you see it?
5:49 pm
>> i say the more the merrier. it is so important that we get the best candidate. not the one with the highest name recognition, but the one who can articulate the values of this nation who can really represent the people, who understands the constitution and is willing to face challenges and has the courage to stand and face it. >> but the problem is, if it is more the merrier this only finite amount of dollars that people will donate to political candidates. and that is why jeb bush got in first. he wanted to stake his claim among the big donors and then mitt romney said oh, no, if bush starts vacuuming up all of the money, then there won't be much left for my campaign so he had to get in. and right after that, scott walker got in the governor of wisconsin. because in order to run for president in this country and i don't like this, but this is true, you need almost a billion dollars from soup to nuts.
5:50 pm
and so it is a money play, is it not? >> it can be. but i don't think it has to be according to those standards. i think there is plenty those standards. it doesn't all have to come from the big money donors. there are lots of people out there. i would prefer to do it that way quite frankly. >> okay. >> i'm not concerned about that. >> so you're saying you can compete financially by going to the folks directly with the big names romney and bush. now, what did you tell the gop in san diego? >> i told them a lot of things. the funny thing is i was talking about the pre-revolutionary days and how a bunch of rag tag militiamen defeated the most powerful empire on earth and how they were able to do that. because they had conviction. they believed in what they were doing to the point they were willing to die for it. fast forward to today and you have isis. you know they have the wrong
5:51 pm
philosophy completely totally disagree with them, but they also have strong conviction and willing to die for what they believe. and we at the same time are in the process of giving away all of our beliefs for the sake of political correctness. and i'm saying that as a warning we have to change that. not saying that as in comparison between our patriots and isis, which i said at the time i said liberal media will of course take that out of context. >> oh yeah, don't worry about the liberal media. they'll never give you a shot. but give me one core value that americans had that they're giving away because of political correctness. >> honesty. people are afraid to express what they actually believe because they're afraid that they're going to be os tri sized or called a name. and i think that's horrible. because where do you really make progress, when you have conversations, even when you have conversations with people
5:52 pm
who disagree with you. you're actually likely to learn more from people who disagree with you than people who agree with you. >> hasn't that been our case in the republic. john adams tried to suppress the press because they were saying bad things about him. every president in history has gotten whacked. if you say something and somebody disagrees with it from day one they've attacked you personally. so why is it different now? why do you think it's reached critical mass now? >> i think one of the things that has happened is people are in many cases distracted to the point that they're not paying close attention to what's going on. if you go back into the 1800s, early 1800s to mid-1800s and you look at what people are expected to know, they get a middle school certificate. it was pretty amazing, compared to what people seem to know today. when you have those jesse watters segments and they go and ask simple questions, it really
5:53 pm
is quite alarming. and when people don't have that basis of knowledge, they become very easy to manipulate. so, yes the press has been dishonest in the pass but their dishonesty now has a much more profound effect because they have people who are so much more easy to manipulate. we need to change that. >> all right doctor, we appreciate you coming on. thank you. "the factor" tip of the day, coffee, that's how we say it here in new york. and your health. the tip moments away. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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so we hope you consider premium membership. it's fun. and you'll meet some great people. now the mail, johnny hong kong. president obama's doing the right thing by pulling out of afghanistan. the folks living there are content to live in the stone age and do not understand democracy. let them be. i believe most americans would love to let the afghans be john, but if the taliban comes back and allows the jihadists to take root we're going to have to destroy them again. can't have a sanctuary there where they can launch attacks on us. jerry wright sugar hill, georgia, bill, i thought you had better control of your objectivity. sharpton is a crook you are right. why do you berate him for telling the truth? i challenged geraldo because he's seemingly fine with sharpton's status. and i'm not. jim foreman california, it's astonishing the ease with which
5:57 pm
geraldo compartmentalizes sharpton's horrendous behavior. bill, looking forward to your new history series. it begins april 12th which is the bapttism day of a great man, chief joseph. right on. chief joseph was a towering figure in american history and a lot of people don't know anything about. rudy gutierrez el paso, texas. bill, my wife got me tickets to see you and miller in rio rancho, new mexico, it's a four-hour ride up i-95. glad you're making the trip. we'll see you april 11th at the santa ana star theater. atlantic city august 14th. will link you guys to the box offices. shows are selling out quickly. you got to move if you want to see miller and o'reilly live which is kind of frightening but it's fun. rick san diego, bill, enjoy killing patton, do you believe american and soviet intelligence
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colluded to harm the general? o.s.s. chief wild bill donovan liked stalin for some reason. not a good situation for the general. as we made clear there were two other assassination attempts on him. so it's a compelling story. jim scott, our town population 8,000 just raised $15,000 to buy a track chair for a wounded vet. all small towns in america should do this. that would be great. the independence fund let me get that out the independence fund tells me regular folks all across the usa are helping, jim. and you guys in ft. scott are patriots. and finally tonight "the factor" tip of the day getting you healthier. as we age the smart play's to be proactive in protecting yourself against physical and mental decline. bolstering the immune system is the best way to do that. americans love coffee
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in the world. o'reilly@foxnews. word of the day, i appreciate you being waggish in writing to "the factor." remember the spin stops here cause we're looking out for you. welcome to a "the kelly file" special everybody. taking on terror is the name of this evening. i'm martha maccallum in more megyn kelly. in the aftermath of jihadists going on a terror rampage in paris and with the threat of similar attacks looming large here in the united states, there's one key question that's gone largely unanswered. what is america's strategy for fighting all of this? [ inaudible ] >> chilling words after the killings in paris focusing at


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